Our dream is to give you definitions for all words of all languages.

Welcome to gigadictionary.org

Gigadictionary was made to give you information about all languages of the world.
It is a collaborative project which means everyone can expand it with new information.
It uses innovative techniques to make building the dictionary easier then ever before.
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How to use Gigadictionary?

Type a word into the search box and press the ‘Search’ button (in the ‘Search’ menu bar).
We will search all forms of all the words within the dictionary to find everything you may be looking for.
For the results, the following information will be displayed:
  • language
  • part of speech
  • meanings
  • paradigm table (whenever a word has any different forms)
  • translations
  • related words
More information about the search options.

Where can I find more info?

Read the FAQ.
Take a look at the forum.
Contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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How does it work?

Step 3
We get a multilingual image dictionary!
Try it yourself!
Or look at the images which aren't named in French yet: