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a - Spanish, preposition

Meaning (English) - edit this section

  • introduces indirect objects
    Example: Le envié la carta a Ana.
    Translation of example: I sent the letter to Ana.
  • introduces infinitives after many verbs
    Example: Voy a enfadarme.
    Translation of example: I'm going to get angry.
  • introduces a direct object that refers to a person, or sometimes to a non-person that is seen as person-like, such as a pet or an organization
    Example: Veo a María.
    Translation of example: I see María.
  • contracts to form al when followed by the determinate masculine article el. This rule can be broken if the article is part of a title
    Example: Voy al país de mis sueños.
    Translation of example: I'm going to the country of my dreams.

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