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pod - Polish, preposition

Meaning (English) - edit this section

  • under
    Usage notes: pod kimś/czymś (instrumental)
    Example: Pies siedzi pod stołem.
    Translation of example: The dog is sitting under the table.
  • below
    Usage notes: pod kimś/czymś (instrumental)
    Example: Pod nami przebiega tunel metra.
    Translation of example: There is a subway tunnel below us.
  • next to
    Usage notes: pod kimś/czymś (instrumental)
    Example: Stoimy pod wejściem.
    Translation of example: We are standing next to the entrance.
  • against
    Usage notes: pod kogoś/coś (accusative)
    Example: Iść pod wiatr.
    Translation of example: To walk against the wind.

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Related words - edit this section

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