Our dream is to give you definitions for all words of all languages.
Help: Add a new word
New words can be added here.
See ‘Add a new word’ in the ‘Adding new data’ menu bar for the link for this page.
Add a new word
When adding a new word consider the following:
  • If a word already exists in Gigadictionary it won't get duplicated.
  • The added word will be immediately visible to all users.
  • Added words will be marked as proposed until approved by one of our modearators.
  • For some languages we have yet to identify the existing parts of speech. If you speak a language well, help us come up with satisfactory solutions.
  • Some parts of speech are solely at our administrators’ disposal.
Other matters worth consideration
  1. Whether or not to add words employed in non-standard language varieties?
    NO - if it is a variety spoken by young users only as meanings are not likely to be too fixed in this case. Additionally, such words tend to be ambiguous.
    YES - When the word is used by a variety of speakers regardless of their age, for example ‘a fiver’ used by Britons instead of ‘a five pound note’.
    YES - if your granny uses the word on an every day basis :).
    NO - if your granny speaks a regional language variety (let’s say Manx or full blown Cornish).
  2. Whether or not to add words that seem to be no longer used?
    YES - if the word is generally recognised or employed in literature relatively often (e.g. ‘afore’, ‘betwixt’, ‘methinks’)
    NO - if the word is hardly ever used, even in literature.
  3. If a word cannot be googled, it does not need (but still can) to be included in Gigadictionary.
  4. Whether or not to add loan words or borrowings?
    YES - If the word behaves like a more or less traditional item within a language and has a spelling typical of that language.
    NO - If it is perceived as a foreign word. In such cases it would be useful to find the word in the language of its origin and add a relevant note to its definition.
If you are not sure whether or not to add a new word – do this. In case there is something wrong, our moderators will definitely notice and correct it.